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An Important Message from the President of the WVPMA
The WVPMA President

Message from the President

Hello Fellow Managers,
It is my honor to serve as the WVPMA’s President for the 2021 year. I plan to work closely with the board to bring the organization to the next level in order to reach more hospitals across Wisconsin and the surrounding states, while providing a strong foundation and network for our current members to feed off of and thrive. It will be difficult to fill our Past President, Adam’s, shoes, but I will try my hardest!

We have spent the year of 2020 surviving. Struggling to keep our heads above water. Dealing with the pandemic and keeping our employees safe, while still providing the essential care that our patients and clients rely on us for. Not only did we succeed, but we also handled an uptick in visits due to the increase in pet ownership during the quarantine.

Personally, I couldn’t have made it through last year without the support of the Board and the organization as a whole. We shot questions back and forth and relied on our network of colleagues, and friends, as we navigated the murky waters. Some things we did correctly and some things we didn’t, but we learned.

I envision 2021 not being about surviving but about growth. Let’s channel our passion and utilize our network to help each other get to the next level. As we see Covid take a back seat over the next year, let’s refocus our energy on our personal growth as managers and the growth of our teams. Let’s relight that flame inside of us that brought us to where we are and made us the managers we have become.

Thank you,
Anna Schilz

Anna Schilz
Hospital Service Manager​ - WVRC by Ethos Veterina​ry Health
WVPMA President


Who Manages Your Practice?

As you well know, the rapid pace in which the veterinary profession is changing requires devoted attention to detail in order to succeed. Today's practice owner does not always have the time to maintain, promote and enhance the evolution of the practice. As a result, a practice manager is enlisted to take on the responsibility of managing the practice.

The position of veterinary practice manager is typically filled by promoting from within the practice or by hiring a qualified individual. This person will take on a variety of responsibilities from human resource management and organizational leadership to practice budgeting and financial management.

Veterinary Practice Managers