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WVPMA's Board Secretary position defined
WVPMA Board Positions

WVPMA Secretary

The Secretary of the Executive Board is a two (2) year term.


  • Creates and maintains an Attendee Sign-In sheet from information gathered from Treasurer.
  • Maintains meeting minutes of the Executive Board (EB).
  • Maintains meeting minutes of the membership.
  • Ensures meeting minutes of both the EB and the membership are distributed to EB members, for approval, within two weeks following the meetings.
  • After EB approval, posts membership meeting minutes to e-Groups and sends a copy to the WVPMA website manager.
  • Creates and maintains an Annual Attendance Log spreadsheet for meeting attendance, to determine eligibility for EB.

Who Manages Your Practice?

As you well know, the rapid pace in which the veterinary profession is changing requires devoted attention to detail in order to succeed. Today's practice owner does not always have the time to maintain, promote and enhance the evolution of the practice. As a result, a practice manager is enlisted to take on the responsibility of managing the practice.

The position of veterinary practice manager is typically filled by promoting from within the practice or by hiring a qualified individual. This person will take on a variety of responsibilities from human resource management and organizational leadership to practice budgeting and financial management.

Veterinary Practice Managers